“While it is my current policy not to make endorsements, I have known Phil Hart since before he was a legislator. He has long stood upon the principles that our nation and state are founded upon, many times at great personal cost. He stood then and is standing now to bring the legislature and our state back to its foundational principles. I too, have run for the Idaho legislature in the past to build a better Idaho and we need an engineer like Phil as a guide to return liberty, common sense and reason to the process. The future of Idaho depends on your consideration of Phil Hart as your representative and your vote for him!”
-Hari Heath

“I have had the honor of working closely with Phil Hart in numerous committees within the Idaho Republican Party and I find him to be a principled man of impeccable character who deeply loves Idaho and America”
-Idaho State Senator Christy Zito

“Several years ago I had the great pleasure to work with Representative Phil Hart on legislation that stopped the Federal wolf agenda in its tracks. HB343, The Emergency Wolf Bill was a tool for Idahoans to stop the Federal Wolf Program and gave our Governor the authority to grant our Sherriff departments permission to kill wolves that were harming the citizens. All of Idaho’s hunters and ranchers that suffered through many years of wolves destroying our livestock and wildlife, owe him our gratitude. He is a true representative of the citizens of Idaho, and I endorse his campaign to serve us again.

-Scott Rockholm

“One of the chief commitments of my public life has been the equipping of a new generation of principled conservative leaders across America.  Your representative, Phil Hart, exemplifies such leadership.  In his first term representing you in the Idaho Legislature, he displayed an impressive understanding of American founding principles and has clearly shown that he has the courage to put them into action.  If you believe that life and liberty are worth fighting for, I strongly urge you to support Phil Hart in the District Republican primary.”

-Ambassador Alan Keyes

“In my sixteen years in the Idaho House, I’ve seen only one new legislator who has come into that body totally prepared, and that is Phil Hart.  Phil understands the process, and you can always count on him to represent conservative values, even under pressure. People are tired of politics as usual, and that’s why I’m asking you to re-elect Phil Hart.”

-Congressman Bill Sali

“Phil Hart has been an effective leader. This past session, Phil was instrumental in helping pass three NRA-backed pro-gun bills that he offered to co-sponsor in the House.  He understands the importance of having a good working relationship with members of the Idaho Senate.  I fully support his reelection, and look forward to working with him on future legislation to protect our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

-Former Senator Gerry Sweet

“Representative Phil Hart knows the right questions to ask sponsors of legislation and is respectful when he debates an issue because of his preparation and attention to detail.  Thank you for voting for Representative Hart and sending him to the Idaho Legislature to represent you!”

-Representative JoAn Wood, Chairman, House Transportation Committee

Phil Hart demonstrated consistency and diligence while assisting the non-profit sector during this legislative session.”

-Amy Bartoo, Director of Public and Community Relations, Idaho Drug Free Youth

“Phil Hart is one of the hardest-working legislators in the House.  You can depend on him when he makes a commitment to you on an issue.  He represents his constituents well.”

-Representative Jim Clark, Chairman, Judiciary Rules and Administration Committee