Blogs by Phil

  1. Of The Seventeen, Trump is Best, Phil Hart, July 2016

  2. Uncle Sam is the Biggest Brother, Phil Hart, March 2018

  3. No New Tax – Remove the Footnote, Phil Hart, February 2012

  4.  News with Views Archives, Phil Hart 2002-2012

Phil in Action

  1. Phil Hart on C-SPAN2 discussing taxation

  2. Phil Hart on Alex Jones

  3. Phil Hart – Declaring a State of Emergency: Canadian Wolves (video)

  4. Phil Hart at the Tea Party speaking on Sound Money

  5. Phil Hart is in the Hall of Honor at Freedom Force International

Favorite Sites

  1.  Scott Rockholm – The Real Wolf Story

  2.  Radio Free Redoubt

Phil’s Fight

  1. Multiple Videos, including Phil’s explanation of his issues with the IRS

  2. The Center for Individual Rights, Hart v U.S.